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the right tools to support sales, delivery and operations, in one integrated solution,
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Consultant centric

Not another revamped erp/crm. Consultnsee was designed and built from the ground up, specifically and exclusively for consultancy businesses.

No clutter

Only the essentials. The data and information you need and use. Providing maximal business insights while reducing administrative tasks. Let Consultnsee do the work for you.

Cloud based

True REST API, running on Amazon Web Services, providing the highest standards in performance, reliability, security, backups, regional data storage,...


Your company data remains yours and yours alone. Strictly separated, dedicated company databases for each of our clients ensure your data is secure and never exposed.

Less administration. Better information.


Bridging the gap between sales...

- Business contact management
- Account management
- Sales management
- Lead qualification
- Opportunity management
- Smart matching engine
- Consultant CV management
- Proposal management

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... and delivery

- Consultant management
- Business Unit management
- Smart competence management
- Project planning
- Smart timesheet application
- Smart consultant CV management
- Billing

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Built around consultants


Match opportunity and project requirements to consultant skills. Keep track of project experience to automatically increase competence levels and update consultant CVs.


Match consultant work schedule and availability to opportunity and project planning. Get an instant overview of your team's availability, booked assignments and sales pipeline softbookings.


Match consultant rates and costs to opportunity and project budgets. Calculate margins. Keep a history of proposed consultant rates. Hourly, daily, fixed price and time & material.


Smart consultant timesheet application. Paperless, flexible internal review and client approval workflow. Project timesheet view for project managers and invoicing.

Consultant CV

Smart consultant CV application. Fully integrated. Automatically updated. Master CV and opportunity-specific versions. Keep track of every version you have ever sent out or proposed.


Only the functionalities that actually matter. Fully integrated. Tearing down the wall between sales and delivery. Create realistic proposals which your consultants team will actually be able to fulfill.


Instant planning overview for project teams and business units. Keep track of occupation rate and assignments. Dig into the details. Include softbookings pipeline from sales opportunities.


Smart matching engine. Find the right consultant for every assignment, taking into account competences, planning and budget. Get the information you need to help you decide who to propose.


Live insights in how your business is doing. 360 view. End-to-end, instant navigation through your business processes and assets. Never wait for reports or presentations again.